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Michael and I launched this website in the summer of 2015 wanting to create a great community where everyone could get along and share some of their best exploration stories. And we did! In the beginning, things were great. We constantly had new users joining and many people contributing to the forums. The past year, Michael and I shifted our focus away from Abandoned World which lead to the site’s user activity slowly shrinking.

We simply don’t have time to promote and fully manage this website. And because user activity has shrunken to only a few posts on the entire site each month, we decided it is time to pull the plug.

Abandoned World will be shutting down on January 31, 2017.

If there are any images or Exploration Reports you’d like to save, make sure to do so before that date, otherwise they will be inaccessible.

Thanks for being a part of the website and I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.